Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pulling Water

One of the biggest challenges is getting water from the Well. It seems
so simple right? Put the bucket into the water and pull it out.  I
think it is some sick joke because it does not work like that. There
is this technique to flicking the rope to get the bucket to turn over.
I cannot tell you how frustrating this process is. After about attempt
number 15 someone usually comes over laughing and does it with one
flick.  The worst is laundry day because not only does doing laundry
take forever by hand, but also I have to get 6 buckets of water! That
is 6 times of trying to fill up the bucket. Then if you add water for
gardening or bathing...man oh man. It's like all I do all day is pull
water.   My family also thinks I am crazy because after I pull the
water I filter it and bleach it.  You too may find this strange,
however you may change your mind when I tell you a bat flew out of the
well the other night.  Yes, no joke!  A BAT!

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