Saturday, June 19, 2010

5 Top Pulaa Sounds!

I am on a mission to not only master the Pulaar language, but to perfect the ridiculous sounds that accompany it.   This was inspired the other day over Cosan and Lycherie.  I was making  fun of my brothers and told the five things that make them Senegalese.

# 1 Saying Yes with a click, a double click.
#2  A High pitch, short "Aie" sound that is in response to something exciting.  Example,  someone almost scoring a goal.
#3 The dragged out "Yo"when they agree with what you say..
#4 The "NAM"   "NAM"...and this continues, when they want you to eat more
#5  The "WHYYYY"  usually used when stretching (similar to our mmm moan) and also used when they have a headache.

And there you have it. Top 5 Pulaar sounds by Jenae! 

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